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Do you want to be the very best? Like no one (well... like a small few) ever was? Then this is the challenge for you, Pokemon fans! To enter this contest, you will have some great obstacles to overcome. You will probably cry from frustration. You will probably lose your mind at some point. OR... perhaps you have already completed this task and are already worthy of the title "Pokemon Master". Whatever the case, here are the prizes that you stand to win for entering our competition! May the best Pokemon trainers win!
The best Pokemon trainers deserve the chance to win the best 
prize package. Several generous people are contributing to this
ultimate pool of prizes! Take a look and see what's up for grabs.
If you have perused through online Pokemon forums, you have probably come across the term "Living Dex". That is the goal of this competition! But... Not just any old living dex... We want to be Pokemon Masters, after all! The goal of this competition is to acquire a living dex where the Pokemon are all correctly matched with their original region. Don't worry, we will lay this out below for you to read. And when we say original, we mean ORIGINAL. While we love the remakes of games (FireRed/LeafGreen, HeartGold/SoulSilver, so on) we want to exclude these from this competition, with the exception of very few select Pokemon. This means....
001 - 151                              Pokemon Red (3DS VC) , Pokemon Blue (3DS VC) , Pokemon Yellow (3DS VC)
152 - 251                              Pokemon Gold (3DS VC), Pokemon Silver (3DS VC), Pokemon Crystal (3DS VC)
252 - 386                              Pokemon Ruby (GBA) , Pokemon Sapphire (GBA) , Pokemon Emerald (GBA)
387 - 493                              Pokemon Diamond (DS) , Pokemon Pearl (DS) , Pokemon Platinum (DS)
494 - 649                              Pokemon Black (DS), Pokemon White (DS), Pokemon Black 2 (DS), Pokemon White 2 (DS)
650 - 721                              Pokemon X (3DS) , Pokemon Y (3DS)
722 - 806*                            Pokemon Sun (3DS), Pokemon Moon (3DS), Pokemon Ultra Sun (3DS), Pokemon Ultra Moon (3DS)

* This competition WILL include #807 Zeraora if the Pokemon is publicly released before November 16 2018.
Right away, this is a daunting list of games to pick Pokemon from, only diehard fans would have the games needed to complete the task in the first place. If you aren't quite ready to turn back, then let's continue. 

You will also need the ability to record video (any cell phone video is fine) to submit with your entry. More on that later. You may be asking yourself "Isn't getting a Mew from Kanto impossible?" or "How am I supposed to get certain event legendaries?". We will provide as much info as we can below on how to retrieve all of the 'hard-to-get' Pokemon!

The contest will end on November 16 2018. Open worldwide.

Now let's get started with the lengthy talk about hard-to-get Pokemon and exceptions to the rules!
Take a trip back in time with the original Pokemon trilogy on 3DS! We would
totally include the original GameBoy games as a necessity but there's the issue
of Gen 1/2 not being compatible with Gen 3... so, it's up to the virtual console!

All 151 of your original Kanto Pokemon should read something along the lines of...

"Seems to have traveled across space and time to reach you from the Kanto region in the good old days"

They should also include a little GameBoy origin marker attached to their summary.

Alolan Forms

​For the sake of keeping your Living Dex neat and tidy, leave empty spaces when organizing
your Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon boxes for all of the Alolan forms. The original 151 Pokemon will
be needed from Kanto in addition to the Alolan forms from Gen 7. These will obviously have
​the Alola origin marker. 

Ash-Hat Pikachu Collection

To celebrate the 20th Pokemon Movie, a total of 7 special Pikachu were released via download wearing one of Ash's anime hats from
different regions. As each player was only allowed ONE region specific hat (plus a second for actually attending the movie), these can be a pain to collect. If you have them already, congrats, and if not, get to searching on online forums for generous trainers! These Pikachu should have an Alolan origin marker and their OT/ID should be of the following list from Bulbapedia. These Pikachu will also have the Alola origin marker.


When it comes to Gyarados, you can either have the Gen 1 Pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow
or you can opt to have the Gen 2 shiny red Gyarados in its place. Either one will work for
this competition. Or you can have both in your PC box if you're an overachiever.


Oh Mew... you elusive creature you. The path to getting a Gen 1 Kanto Mew to your Gen 7
game is tedious to say the least... We will lay down a guide below for those that need 
help. Your options are to either perform a glitch (dubbed the 8F glitch) or to just trade for
a Mew that someone else managed to glitch. The OT should be GF and the ID# is 22796.
The Mew should also have "fateful encounter" in its summary.

8F Glitch Guide

Click here to visit our guide on getting Mew in your Red/Blue/Yellow VC game!
The second outing may only add 100 Pokemon to your living Dex... but
that in no way means that it will be an easy task to complete.

All 100 of your Johto Pokemon should read something along the lines of...

"Seems to have traveled across space and time to reach you from the Johto region in the good old days"

They should also include a little GameBoy origin marker attached to their summary.

Johto Starters & Cloning

First, let's talk about a method of obtaining all 3 Johto starters on one save file. This is
done at the beginning of the game and goes something along the lines of this.

You travel through the beginning of the game until right before you choose your first
Pokemon. Select one (let's say Chikorita for this example) and DO NOT save after you
get it. Continue through the game until you get Pokeballs. Give the Pokeball to the
starter Pokemon to hold and catch a "dud" Pokemon in the meantime (Pidgey, etc).

Okay, so you go to a Pokemon Center, put the starter Pokemon in your PC box, then
go to switch box. Select box 2 and it will say "Game will need to save. Is this Ok?". So
the important thing is to reset your game (tap the touch screen, click restart) as the
message pops up saying "Your game is saving. Do not turn of the power". Gold and Silver
should be turned off sometime during the "Do no turn off..." area and Crystal is a bit
trickier, maybe a split second after "Power" shows up in the text. 

If done right, when you restart, you should be at your last save (right before choosing
your starter). You can then choose a different one (Cyndaquil, let's say), journey to a
Pokemon center and SHOULD find Chikorita in your PC box with the Pokeball. Take the
ball, catch another Pidgey, deposit Cyndaquil, rinse/repeat, choose Totodile next. You
can clone away 'til your heart's content. Have fun!


This is where things get difficult... Very difficult. While Unown
is but one Pokemon, it has 28 varieties, all of which you will
need in your Living Dex. Let's start with the lower 26. In the
Ruins of Alph, you'll find 4 puzzles, some of which can't be
accessed until late in the game (i.e. Surfing). Each puzzle 
completed unlocks a fourth of the 26 letters (well... give or take)
into the main ruins. Then it's all up to chance finding the 
letters you need to finish your alphabet. BUT WAIT... the fun
doesn't stop there...

The Gen 4 remakes HeartGold/SoulSilver (DS) thought it would be fun to release two new Unown
forms, ! and ?... so while your living Dex needs the first 26 Unown to be from the GameBoy era,
you will surely have fun catching all 26 again in the DS remakes only for the sake of adding the
two special forms to your budding collection.

Note that these two forms will have no origin marker and have a summary that reads...

"Seems to have traveled across both space and time to reach you from the Johto region"



While everyone's favorite flying celery stick was previously unobtainable for transfer to Pokemon
Bank, the Pokemon Crystal VC game totally changed everything! Now you too can experience 
what it felt like for Japan players in the GameBoy era to play through the Celebi event.

After you beat the Elite Four for the first time in Crystal, enter the Goldenrod Pokemon Center. As
​you try to exit, an aide will stop you and tell you that you can have a fabled item tied to Celebi 
called the GS Ball (Yes... THAT GS Ball). So... Who likes balls? Kurt! Remember Kurt? Fly to Azalea 
Town and show him your special ball and he'll want to take a closer look. Come back 24 hours 
later (or at night? the details are fuzzy, but he will be outside his house). He will return your ball
and say something is stirring in the Ilex Forest. Head on in and approach the shrine to encounter
​Celebi, who will be at LV30. Once captured, you will be able to transfer Celebi to Pokemon Bank!
The summary should have the "fateful encounter" text within.

Don't get us wrong... We LOVE the remakes OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire (3DS). But we're
talking about the title of Pokemon Master here... any true fan will remember Gen 3 and
its debut on the GameBoy Advance. That's where your Hoenn Pokemon have to come
from to fill this Living Dex. We will go through the transfer process in a little, but you
will need a Nintendo DS (or DS Lite, etc).

All 135 of your Hoenn Pokemon should have a summary like...

"Seems to have traveled across space and time to reach you from the Hoenn region"

They should also have no origin marker in their summary.


​This fish is the hardest Gen 3 Pokemon to catch by far. You will need 2 for this living Dex (one
for Feebas and one for its evolved form, Milotic). The only place to catch Feebas is on Route
119 via fishing. It appears on only 6 water tiles that are random each day based off of your
Trainer ID number. It will be a long road to finding it unless you're extremely lucky...


This is optional because between the three games you will get the chance to capture both of
these guys... But for some this may make it easier. Back in the day there was an attachment
for the GameBoy Advance called an eReader. You can find a special card for it labeled the
Eon Ticket. When used with the Gen 3 games, it gives you a key item "Eon Ticket" that can 
be used to travel to Southern Island via ship after defeating the Elite Four. Once there, you
will encounter either Latias or Latios depending on which game you are playing. Some prefer
this roundabout way since the pokemon will be stationary instead of having to find them
roaming around the Hoenn region at random.


​What's the easiest way to get a Gen 3 Jirachi?... Find someone online that has the means of getting

one and ask nicely to trade. If you want to go the extra mile and get one yourself, there are some
things you'll have to do.

First, you'll need a Nintendo GameCube. You will also need a special GameBoy Advance link cable
that was used back in the day to connect your GBA to the GameCube. This link cable ONLY works
on an actual GameCube (not on Wii or PC, etc) so don't bother looking into emulators for this step.
You will then need one of two games...

One is called Pokemon Channel and is exclusively available to Europe/Australia I believe. You have
to make it quite a way through the "game" by watching a virtual TV until you unlock the option to
transfer Jirachi to your GBA via link cable. The OT of this Jirachi should be 'CHANNEL' with a trainer
ID of 40122.

The second easier option would be a special bonus disc that came with preorders of Pokemon 
Colosseum. The hard part is finding a disc for a reasonable price (about $50 average on eBay)
but you can easily download Jirachi via link cable upon starting the game. This Jirachi should have
an OT of WISHMKR with a trainer ID of 20043.


This one's a doozy... But we'll come right out and say it. At this time, you will need to either find
someone with a Gen 3 Deoxys willing to trade with you or to purchase a GameShark or other
cheat device for the GameBoy Advance since this event is way past due. Also this needs to be
done on Pokemon Emerald (GBA).

Essentially, players would attend a Nintendo Event where they could download a key item called
the AuroraTicket. This item is what you would use the cheat device to "download" into your game.
​The hard step will be finding a cheat device and entering the code to get this ticket.

Let's assume you've done all of that hard work, now you just go to the SS Tidal after defeating the
Elite Four. You can access the mysterious Birth Island, step forth and touch the triangle statue. You
will have to chase it around very quickly within an intense time limit, and if you manage to do that,
Deoxys will appear. For this challenge, we will go easy on you and say you only need one Deoxys.
If you want some extra brownie points, do this step a total of 4 times so you can have all four of
​Deoxys' forms in your Living Dex!

Transferring Pokemon

In order to get all of your Gen 3 Pokemon to Gen 7, you will first have to get them to Gen 4.
​Since you can only transfer 6 Pokemon every 24 hours, it's recommended you use multiple
Gen 4 games to speed up the process. In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (DS) and HeartGold/
SoulSilver (DS), you will have to first progress through the game to reach the Pal Park. Then
and option will appear on those games' main menus to "Migrate from [GBA Game]". Use 
this option and play the catching show minigame in your Gen 4 game to successfully move
the Pokemon. Then you will have to move them to Gen 5 from Gen 4... but we will get to
that in the next section.

As of now, the only way to get your Sinnoh Pokemon is from their original DS games,
and we're okay with that! We would suggest grabbing Platinum (DS) for your adventure
as many of these legends only had events in that title. The developers shoved a ton
of legendaries in this outing... So it will be strenuous.

All 107 of your Sinnoh Pokemon should have a summary like...

"Seems to have traveled across space and time to reach you from the Sinnoh region"

They should also, like Hoenn, have no origin marker in their summary.

Sinnoh Form Differences

While Castform in Hoenn marked a Pokemon that could change its appearance, much 
like Ditto and Mew before it, its effects were not permanent outside of battle. However,
Sinnoh changed that a bit with Pokemon such as Burmy, Wormadam, Shellos and 
Gastrodon. For this Living Dex, you will need to collect all 3 types of the Burmy family
and both types of Shellos family. While male/female Pokemon tend to differ slightly,
we will let you know when these need to be both collected for the Dex.


A Gen 4 Spiritomb has become very difficult to capture on your own, mainly because the
Nintendo DS online services have shut down. Spiritomb appears in your game after getting
an item called the Odd Keystone. You then have to interact with other players in the Sinnoh
underground a total of 32 times to meet Spiritomb. Since the online services are down, you
will need to interact in person with a second DS with a Gen 4 game. Hopefully you got one
back in the day or are doing this challenge with a friend (it's better that way!)


Everyone who has played these should be familiar with this little guy (as you need to find
him to get the National Dex in the Gen 4 games), but many aren't aware that he has several
different forms that he can take on. For this competition, you only need one Rotom, but if
you're an overachiever you will smooth out your Living Dex with an additional 5 Rotoms
in their changed forms.


While the catching of this Pokemon is fairly straightforward, we thought it would be good
to mention here that before encountering Regigigas in your Gen 4 game, you will need
to have all 3 Regi-Pokemon from Gen 3 in your party. So!... Before you transfer them from
Gen 3 all the way through to Pokemon Bank, make sure you keep them around through
your Sinnoh adventure so you have the chance to obtain this legendary.


Many are aware that Giratina plays the most presence in Platinum (DS), but as he is 
obtainable in all 3 games, you should be able to get two Gen 4 Giratinas in your
Living Dex fairly easily. So for this competition, that's what you'll need so that one
can stay in its Normal form and one can be given the Griseous Orb to be in its
Origin Form.

Manaphy & Phione

These two Pokemon will only be obtainable through the DS game Pokemon Ranger,
so first you'll need to find a NEW copy of that. You will also need 2 DS systems (you're
going to need 2 for the upcoming system transfer from Gen 4 to Gen 5; it is preferred
that one of these be a 3DS). 

Anyway, in the Pokemon Ranger game, you need to play through missions until you
unlock the 'Ranger Net' option on the title screen. In Ranger Net, hold R+X+Left (D-pad)
to unlock a Password screen. The Manaphy mission's password is P8M2-9D6F-43H7 for
US players (look up elsewhere online, they're easy to find). This will start the 'Recover the
Precious Egg' mission, which upon completion, will allow you to send a Manaphy Egg 
through wireless link to a second DS Gen 4 game. 

Okay, so all of that fun is out of the way. Hatch the Manaphy in your Gen 4 game and
voila! BUT WAIT! Don't transfer it over just yet, you first need to do more work if you
want a Phione. You'll need to mate your Manaphy with a Ditto in the Solaceon Daycare
and hatch THAT egg to get Phione. Then you can add these 2 to your Living Dex once
and for all! Phew!


*Sigh*... once again, things get difficult. Honestly, the better option may be to buy an
Action Replay DS (obviously not to hack your Pokemon, but to once again hack in an
item/Wifi Event long extinct). We will cover the two methods you can use to get a Gen 4
Darkrai. Note that we have confirmed this to work on Platinum (DS), but some players
state that their Darkrai from Diamond (DS) also transferred fine, although they had to
get rid of the move Pursuit and train it to LV50 first.

Anyhoo, first and foremost you'll need to unlock the National Dex in your game (by 
seeing every Sinnoh Pokemon minus post-game legendaries and talking to Rowan).
You will then need to look up an AR code for the Member Card. This key item was
distributed via WiFi to players starting August 3 2009. I would also recommend 
changing your DS date to this day just in case that is part of the Pokemon Bank
acception process. Take your Member Card to Canalave City to find that a sailor's
son is having neverending nightmares. If you approach the old Harbor Inn, you will
be allowed to enter. After an odd cutscene, you will be transported to Newmoon Island.
This is where you will encounter a Lv50 Darkrai. After catching him (as long as you're
playing Platinum) he will be transferrable to the newer games.

The second option of getting to Darkrai without using an AR involves a glitch called
the Void Glitch. We are not proficient in this method, but you can find several 
tutorials online. You will need the National Dex, a bike and the pedometer app for
your Poketch. By riding your bike in certain fast directions in Jubilife City and then
​riding out of the area, you enter a black space beyond the map called the void. You
can then travel a certain number of steps in certain directions (this is the part that
will change where you end up depending on what you do), it makes it possible to
access Newmoon Island without dealing with the Member Card. Search for this
glitch on YouTube for a more in depth tutorial.


This explanation will be a little shorter than Darkrai as it is, essentially, the same. The
Action Replay will be easier and the only game noted to work for transfer is Platinum.

You will also need the National Dex to access Shaymin. Then look up the AR card for 
the key item called 'Oak's Letter'. The item beckons you to travel to the end of Route 
224 where you will meet with Professor Oak himself at an old stone. Oak will ask you
to make a wish, it does not matter what you answer to his question. After the cutscene,
the Seabreak Path will appear. I would again recommend changing your DS date to
​September 23 2009, the date of the WiFi event, just in case that's a checkpoint in Pokemon
Bank. Travel along Seabreak Path to eventually reach Flower Paradise where Shaymin
is waiting to meet you. 

A sidenote... If you have way too much time on your hands, you can go for 2 Shaymin
for your Living Dex. The Pokemon changes to a different form while holding the item
Gracidea. For this challenge, you will only need one.

As with Darkrai, there are walkthroughs on reaching Flower Paradise via the void
glitch. If you're short an AR and wish to go this route, find a tutorial on YouTube.


Nothing is sadder than realizing that your self-caught Arceus from Gen 4 will never ever
get through the Pokemon Bank. There is only one Arceus that you can manage to get
through, so in this instance, you may have better luck finding one for trade online, but
if you have an AR then we will talk you through this.

Now before we begin, we recommend changing your DS date to 7 November 2009 for 
this. If you're proficient at the AR, you may be aware of the option to get the key item
Azure Flute that allows you to access the Hall of Origin at Spear Pillar. However, it appears
that the developers know that the item was never released, thus we haven't found any
instances where the Arceus caught there will pass through.

However, one Arceus passed the test. In 2009, Toys 'R' Us (RIP) released a special Arceus that
would give the player more insight into the mystery of this god-like creature. As far as
we know, this only works on Platinum (DS). First, you will need the code for your AR. If
you have the link up to a computer, it's easy to copy/paste this... if you're doing it by
hand... good luck.

TRU Arceus AR Code

​Start up your game, press L+R, then enter any PokeMart to meet the attendant who will
gift you the special Arceus. It's OT should be TRU and the ID # is 11079. Before you get
excited and transfer the Arceus onward, you can check out the special event by meeting
with a hiker NPC. He appears first in the Oreburgh Mine, then at the Canalave City Library
to talk more about the myths of Arceus.

Transferring Pokemon

​The method of Gen 4 to Gen 5 transferring is slightly easier than the previous... but still a 
pain. You will not be limited to how many Pokemon you can move in a day, but you can 
still only transfer 6 at a time. In your Gen 5 game, you have to have traveled far enough to
reach the PokeTransfer where you will meet Professor Park. This transfer will require two
​DS family systems to work. Park will start a downloadable app for your Gen 4 DS/Game 
that is a little minigame used to move your Pokemon. You can have fun playing over and
over as you watch all of your Pokemon hop between bushes as you try to slingshot balls
at them... good times.

While most games include at least some older Pokemon in their original story, Unova
basically said screw that and brought us 155 brand new Gen 5 Pokemon to capture...
Many saw these games as a rebirth of the series that pushed the DS to its limits for
the time. That said, I wouldn't consider Gen 5 to be nearly as tedious as Gen 4 in 
terms of exclusive Pokemon... let's dive into it!

All 156 of your Unova Pokemon should have a summary like...

"Seems to have traveled across space and time to reach you from the Unova region"

They should also, like the previous 2 Gens, have no origin marker in their summary.


Sad as it is, Victini is one of those 'mon that starts us off on the wrong foot. If you bought
Black/White (DS) on release day (Which I luckily did!) you could obtain a code for a secret
key item called the Liberty Pass. This allowed you to travel to Liberty Island from Castelia
City and encounter Victini. Unfortunately, the event is far over and finding these codes 
unused may be impossible (if the event would even still work with the DS internet support
being taken offline). Sadly, you'd be better off going the Action Replay route to get the 
Liberty Pass so you can catch Victini. Or find a kind soul willing to trade you this Pokemon.
We also recommend changing your DS date to March 6 2011 just in case.

Basculin & Frillish

As with Sinnoh, you will need both forms of Basculin and Frillish/Jellicent to compelte this
Living Dex. Both of these Pokemon are a dime a dozen, so you should have no problem
completing this task.


Deerling and its evolved form Sawsbuck are where things start to get interesting. Gen 5
brought in the strange yet satisfying mechanic of seasonal change across the region.
Depending on which of the four seasons your in, you will find a different form of 
Deerling in the wild. You'll need all 4 sets for this Living Dex. The seasons of the game 
change every month, but a quick change to your DS clock date should make this a
fairly easy task.

Tornadus, Thunderus and Landorus

Did you think we'd take it easy on you? Guess again... So for the main forms of this trio,
​it's nothing unspeakable. Tornadus roams around Black Version (DS) after a certain 
point in the game, as Thunderus does in White Version (DS). So either catch' em on
each version and trade to one or find a friend with one version to give you the one
that's not on your current game, etc. Then take both of them in your party to the
Abundant Shrine and you will unlock Landorus. So far so good?

Okay, now, each of the trio has a seperate form that was released later during the era
of the games' sequels, Black 2/White 2 (DS). You will need to play the game on a 3DS
to get these forms, and you'll also need to pay $3.99 on the Nintendo eShop for an app
called Pokemon Dream Radar. Basically how the app works, you can have a shot at 
using virtual reality to shoot clouds and collect 'Dream Orbs' that respawn about every
​hour. After hitting certain number goals of orbs (400, 1500 and 3000 we think...) you can
catch each of the trio in their Therian (alternate) form and then transfer them to your
Black 2/White 2 cartridge. You'll need both forms of each for this Living Dex.

Keldeo, Meloetta & Genesect

We decided to lump all 3 of these legendaries into one category because they met the
same unfortunate fate as Victini. The only version of each of these that will pass the
Pokemon Bank check system are those that were only available at special events. Thus,
unless you have an Action Replay or a friend who happens to have one, you're out of
luck... We will lay out the event versions of these Pokemon that worked for us.

As for Keldeo, we recommend you set your DS date to August 27 2012 before using any
AR code. The event Keldeo you want to download is the one that has an OT of SMR2012
with trainer ID # 08272.  If you want to go the extra mile, you can obtain 2 Keldeo, that
way you can teach one the move Secret Sword (either in Black 2/White 2 or after it is
transferred to Gen 7) to change one of the Keldeo to Resolute Form. Only one Keldeo
will be required for this competition, however. If you do get your Keldeo on Black 2 or
White 2, the event can be triggered behind Alder's house in Flocessy Town.

Meloetta is much like Keldeo except you should set your date to March 24 2013. The OT
should be SPR2013 and the trainer ID # 03013. If you take Meloetta to a certain cafe in
Castelia City, it can be taught the move Relic Song, which will allow Meloetta to change
its form within battle. However, since it's a battle exclusive form change, you will only
need one Meloetta luckily.

Then comes Genesect. This Pokemon was only available for an event in Black 2/White 2 (DS).
Set your DS date to October 7 2012 before beginning your AR code. The OT should be Plasma
and the trainer ID # is 10072. 

Once you successfully gather all of these event Pokemon, they should nicely transfer right on
over to you Pokemon Bank using the Pokemon Transport app on your 3DS.

You never thought a Pokemon could haunt your every thought, like a living nightmare for
Pokemon collectors (well... except Darkrai maybe), but you may not know about the stunning
Pokemon named Vivillon... *Sigh* more on that in a bit. Kalos was a whole new step off from
years past, with exciting 3DS quality graphics and more new Pokemon, this France based
region bring some "exciting" challenges for your Living Dex.

All 69 of your Kalos Pokemon should have a summary like...

"Seems to have traveled across space and time to reach you from the Kalos region"

These Pokemon should also have a Gen 6 shield origin marker in thier summary.


For those that downloaded the Pokemon Sun/Moon Special Demo on 3DS in October 2016,
you will be familiar with the main Pokemon of the demo, Ash-Greninja. This special 
Greninja came with the ability Battle Bond, allowing it to transform into a Greninja that 
looks surprinsingly like a certain anime protagonist from a television show... If you happen
to have the Ash Greninja, it can substitute your Kalos Greninja for this competition. Or 
better yet, aim to have both, although not required. The demo Greninja will have the Alola
clover origin marker and have an OT Ash and ID # 131017


*mumbles* Pokemon #666... totally suits it...

Okay... *cracks knuckles* are you ready? 'Cuz I'm not ready... but here we go anyway. The
developers, while trying to invent "fun" new ways to keep Pokemon collectors busy, came
up with a plan. A Pokemon that would have a unique design based on where you really
live in the world! Sounds fun... but with 18 different designs and 2 special DLC designs,
this will be probably the biggest challenge of the competition. For this Living Dex, these 
Vivillon have to all come from their respective regions, which we will try to layout below
as easily as possible... so bear with us as we begin. BEWARE of fake traders on the GTS
when trading online. Make sure the country, design, and language tag all match up with
a trainer from that region. This will be very important in taking part in this competition,
and I will link a wonderful Reddit Vivillon trade board that helped us personally. Also, the
location in which you reside is based off of your 3DS settings upon starting Pokemon X or
Y, so you can't change your location to get a different Vivillon, etc.

Reddit Vivillon Trade Board

Vivillon Pattern - Real World Locations

1. Ocean : US (Hawaii) , Reunion (Africa)
2. High Plains : US (Arizona, California, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Washington, Colorado)
3. River : Australia (Main)
4. Meadow : Austria, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, UK
5. Elegant : Japan (Hokkaido)
​6. Modern : US (Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas,
                    Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina,
                    North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West
                    Virginia), Canada (Manitoba), Bulgaria
7. Polar : Canada (Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia),
                Sweden, Norway, US (Alaska, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New
                Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Wyoming)
8. Garden : UK, USA (Virginia), Czech Rep., Netherlands, Ireland, Australia (Tasmania), New
                    Zealand, Poland
9. Marine : Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Greece
10. Continental: Belgium, France, Germany, Korea, Poland, Russia, Netherlands, Norway,
                           Sweden, Denmark, US (Colorado), Estonia
11. Tundra : Norway, Iceland
12. Sun : Mexico
13. Icy Snow : Finland, Canada (Yukon, Northwest Terr., Nunavut), Norway
14. Jungle : Malaysia, Colombia, Singapore
15. Savannah : Brazil, Peru
16. Sandstorm : UAE, Somalia
17. Monsoon : Hong Kong *, India, Japan
18. Archipelago : Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, South Africa (West Cape), US (Arizona)

*Note that Monsoon Vivillon from Hong Kong will most likely have the JPN language tag
  as Pokemon X and Y weren't translated to Chinese.

More likely than not, you will have to make some pretty risque trades over GTS to finish this
block of Vivillon. Then comes the two DLC patterns...

The Fancy Vivillon pattern was released July 7 2014 for a global GTS accomplishment. Make 
sure the Vivillon you have or trade for has the OT GTS and the ID #00108, otherwise it is
not legitimate and will not work for this Living Dex.

The 20th variation you will need is the Pokeball Pattern Vivillon. This Pokemon was released
to commemorate the opening of the France Pokemon Center. This Vivillon (or... Prismillon
rather) should have the OT Paris and ID # 06014.


Flabebe Family

This one is also "fun" (although not as "fun" as Vivillon). There are 5 types of Flabebe to
collect, each a different color based on the flower field you find them in. You will need
to collect all 3 sets of 5 colors for this Living Dex. It may take some time but it should be
fairly easy to do.

As a side note, those who have played through X and Y (3DS) will have noticed AZ's 
Floette, who plays an important role in the story of the game. This Pokemon was never
released as a DLC item as it was planned to, but if you come across someone with an
Action Replay 3DS, you can add this optional design to your Living Dex. The OT will be
AR and it will know a special move called Light of Ruin. Epic.


There's nothing much to say here other than the fact that male and female Meowstic
look so different that we want you to include both in your Living Dex!


Zygarde is easy to find on your playthrough of Pokemon X/Y, so you should have no
trouble finding that. However, there are some strange behaviors that come with
this Pokemon that led us to decide you'll need a total of 3 Zygarde in your LIving Dex.
The original Kalos Zygarde will be the middle of the three, known as the 50% form.

The other two will come from the Alola region (and therefore have the Alola clover
original marker rather than the Gen 6 shield). One you will need to be in the 10%
(that's the dog) form, and the other you will need to be in Complete 100% form. 
Note that the Complete Zygarde, gained easiest from visiting Sina & Dexio in
Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (3DS) after defeating the Elite Four and completing a side
mission, will appear as the 50% form in your Living Dex. He will have the special
​ability Power Construct which turns him into Complete Form in battle when his
HP drops below 50%.

Diancie, Hoopa & Volcanion

As with some previous Pokemon in this list, Diancie will be slightly hard to come by
as it was an event Pokemon released at Gamestop in October 2014. However, as
Gen 6 games are internet compatible, you should have a much easier time finding
people online willing to part with one if you didn't grab one back in the day. If worse
​comes to worse, there's always the option of purchasing an Action Replay 3DS, which
allows you to download all past DLC Pokemon. Pretty nifty. The Diance should have
an OT Oct2014 with Trainer ID # 10274.

Hoopa was also released via distribution in 2015/16 via widespread code distribution,
so they are fairly easy to come by. Two different Hoopas run around the internet that
are legitimate, we recommend checking Serebii to ensure you're trading for a legit
one if you don't have one. Only one Hoopa is required but if you can, try to get 2 of
them. One of them can be transformed using a Prison Bottle, found in Aether
Paradise, to Hoopa Unbound. Note that withdrawing this Hoopa from your PC will
​change it back to normal, so you'll need to use Prison Bottle again.

Volcanion, same story, it was a Gamestop individual code release back in 2016. The
​OT should be Helen and ID # 10016.

Again, you will find these three much easier to find than some of the older event
only Pokemon, but if you need help and don't have access to an Action Replay, just
​ask around in the community.

The hype for Pokemon Sun & Moon was real back in 2016. I remember waiting for
days after the trailer hit the internet, anticipating what a tropical Pokemon adventure
would feel like, and I definitely wasn't disappointed. What a treat it was. As for your
Living Dex, the challenging part of this will be organizing your Living Dex for form
variants, making sure you have all of the Alola forms of your Kanto Pokemon.

Aside from all the other forms, 76 of your Alola Pokemon should have a summary like...

"Met for the first time on XXXXXX." at the Alola location you met.

Gen 7 Pokemon will sport the Alolan flower origin marker in their summary.


The Pokemon Oricorio shouldn't be too strenuous to deal with on your Alolan adventure.
There are four different forms depending on what color of flower field they are hanging
out in when you find them. Alternatively, you can catch 4 Oricorio of any variety and
simply use the corresponding nectar item on them to change their form. You will need 
all 4 forms for this Living Dex tho!

Rockruff & Lycanroc

While the original forms of Lycanroc are fairly straightforward, the third is one that was
specially released via mystery gift. The first two forms correspond to the game you're 
playing, evolving into Midday Form in Sun/Ultra Sun (3DS) during the day and into Midnight
Form in Moon/Ultra Moon (3DS) during the night.

The third form is Dusk Form Lycanroc, based off of the Pokemon anime. The special Rockruff
released via mystery gift has the hidden ability Own Tempo, which is never the case with
wild Rockruff, and evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc between 5PM and 5:59PM in-game time.
If you missed out on downloading the special Lycanroc, you'll have to search online for 
someone who has one, or who may be able to breed their special one for an Own Tempo
ability Rockruff.


Okay... If you thought Gen 7 was looking pretty easy so far, then you forgot about the Kinder
Egg of all Pokemon, Minior. This Pokemon can be easily found in the wild, but its finding 
the forms that presents a challenge. Until you get Minior's HP below 50%, you won't know
what form it is. This can be strenuous to find all 7 forms, we recommend having a high 
level Pokemon with False Swipe so you don't accidentally faint the Minior just trying to open
it up. Once you do open it, there are 7 colors that are completely random (the rainbow plus
Indigo). You need all 7 for your Living Dex. It can also be noted that a shiny Minior is black in
color and looks really cool, but we'll take it easy on you and exclude this from your Dex.


This Pokemon was distributed via online QR code to Gen 7 games in 2016. While it is special
in that it is an event Pokemon, you can easily obtain it by finding the QR code online and 
using the QR feature in your game, even today! For once, there's an event Pokemon that can
still be legitimately obtained! Score!


Like the last round of event Pokemon, this was via code distribution in October 2017 to 
GameStop stores. Again, with the widespread internet era upon us, you should be able
to search online to find someone willing to give you one if you missed the chance to 
pick up a code in person. Or alternatively, as always, use and Action Replay 3DS to put
the special Marshadow into mystery gift. The OT is MT. Tensei and the ID # 100917.


As noted at the top, this Pokemon MAY be given out via code distribution in line with the
2018 Pokemon Movie. If this is the case, you will need to get him for the end of your
Living Dex! It is projected to be released in July in Japan, so Zeraora may very well be
out and about worldwide before Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee are released!

Totem Pokemon

Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (3DS) bring some new entries to add to our Living Dex in the for of 
supersized Totem Pokemon. You will need to collect a total of 100 totem stickers in each
title and exchange them with Samson Oak for these special Pokemon. There are a total
of 11 Totem Pokemon between the two versions to add to your Living Dex.


While getting Necrozma itself is straightforward, it is the fused forms that will cause you a
bit of trouble for your Living Dex. Necrozma can fuse with either Solgaleo or Lunala to
make an alternate form of Necrozma using a maching that Colress gives you near the end
of the game. Therefore, your collection will need a total of 3 Necrozma (you can get one in
the Sun/Moon games and one in the Ultra games), 2 Solgaleo and 2 Lunala... This causes a
bit of a challenge. Happy trading.

While this sidequest is required for this competition, a note about the Gen 5 Pokemon Kyurem,
it is possible to get the DNA splicers and merge him with Reshiram or Zekrom. This is not required
but if you want to do it, you'll need 3 Kyurem, 2 Reshiram and 2 Zekrom to round out your Living Dex.

​If you have made it this far, then CONGRATS. You are a Pokemon Master and truly
worthy of entering this competition!