8F Glitch Guide

Okay! So the goal here is to get a Mew on your Virtual Console game (Red/Blue/Yellow VC). While this is something that many casual players have learned to do, we want to get an original Kanto Mew that passes through the Pokemon Bank. Only one Mew OT/ID combination will pass through. While your OT is easy to manipulate (just named yourself the OT at the start of your game) it's the ID number that will throw you for a loop. However, players have found a way to glitch an item called 8F into your game that can manipulate the trainer ID number based on the sequence and number of items in your inventory. Before we start, just note that using and even getting the item 8F can (but probably won't as long as you stick to the directions) mess up your save file permanently, so use at your own risk.

Getting Mew

You would probably be best off looking up a YouTube video on how to do this, but here is the

very basic version of how to get Mew in your game. By using the following glitch, you can make
it so the glitch will trigger a battle with a Pokemon based on the special stat of the LAST Pokemon
you battled. You can find a full list of these trigger values on Bulbapedia

As you can see, Mew has a value of 21, so the easiest way on an 'already-started' save file is to 
find or train a Pokemon with a special stat of 21 and have it in your party. Also, make sure that
you have NOT battled the trainer to the left of Nugget Bridge (above Cerulean City). There are 
other trainers you can trigger this glitch with, so it's not the end of the world if you have, but 
this example is based off of this trainer pictured to the right, so you'll have to research into 
other locations for the Mew glitch.

You will also need to know the location of wild Ditto in your game. In Red/Blue, Route 13-15 are
good bets while on Yellow, the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar is probably your best spot. The
point of all of this is to get Ditto to transform into your 21-Special Pokemon (it will then have 21
special), but the glitch will also work as long as that last Pokemon has 21 Special, so in Yellow
it's almost easier to find a trainer with a last Pokemon with 21 Special.

Anyway! So to trigger the glitch, fly to Cerulean City and head north over Nugget Bridge. If you 
remember the trainer we talked about to the left of the bridge, you're going to be interacting
with him. SAVE BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. This part takes a little bit of timing. You have to
step down into his plain of view to trigger the battle "!" bubble, but you have to press start as
you're stepping into his sight. You'll know you did it right if the menu opens as you step down.
Then you need to select "Fly" and fly away to your wild Ditto location. If the "!" bubble battle
animation starts and the menu does not open, soft reset your game and try again until it works.

After flying off, the glitch has been activated. You'll notice your menu won't open, so hopefully
you put your 21 special Pokemon in front of your party. Now run off into the wild until you 
encounter a wild ditto. Let him transform into your 21-Special pokemon and then he too will
have 21 special. Perfect! You can faint him right away, or if you have a Pokemon with you that
knows Growl, there's some work you can do to make Mew easier to catch. Shortly, Mew will be
at LV 7 but if you use Growl on Ditto, it will be one level lower each time you do. Use Growl
on Ditto 6 times if you want the Mew you will eventually encounter to be at LV 1. Okay, either
way, end the battle.

Your menu will now operate again, open it and fly back to Cerulean City. Head north up Nugget
Bridge and your menu will open by itself. Close out of it and your wild Mew will begin a battle
with you. It has a crazy low catch rate, so it will take a bit of luck as well. After you catch Mew,
you will have completed the easy part! 

Also note, this method can be used to get other Pokemon, like Mr. Mime and Jynx, in the "wild"
that would otherwise only be obtained through in-game trades. Nifty.

Missingno Glitch

Now it's time to just note how the Missingno Glitch works so that you're ready to go on the 8F
glitch. If you fly to Viridian City and speak to the "Old Man" he will offer to show you how to
catch a Pokemon. Accept his offer, watch him work, then immediately fly to Cinnabar Island 
when he's done. Head to the eastern coast and choose Surf. Surf up and down along the
coastline and you'll eventually come across Missingno (or 'M or something of the like). You
can either battle and faint them or run away, but the point of the battle is that it will add
128 to the 6th item in your inventory. This is important for adding mass items you will need.
The max item amount is 256, so keep this in mind so that you don't add too many items.


Now... this is where it gets difficult. You will need a very specific party for this Mew because
it will help determine how 8F will operate. This will need to be exact in this party order.

1. Pidgey with 233 CURRENT HP. Even getting a level 100 Pidgey will yeild only about 215 max
HP on average, so you'll need to Missingno glitch some rare candies for the level up and some
HP Up item so you can raise your Pidgey's max HP. If it goes over 233, you'll have to knock some
off in battles so that it's 233 currently.

2. Parasect

3. Onix

4. Tentacool

5. Kangaskhan (Having trouble in the Safari Zone? You can also use the previously stated Mew
Glitch to catch Kangaskhan using Ditto and a Pokemon with a special stat of 2... hmm lol)

After you have these 5 Pokemon, you're ready to proceed. The Mew you obtained will need to 
be in Box 1 Slot 1 of your PC. SAVE YOUR GAME PLEASE.

Obtaining 8F

Now it's time to get the magic item in question, 8F. To do this, you will need to get 255 X Specials
into your 3rd slot. This may take some trial and error. Essentially, with X Special in the 6th slot of
your inventory, you need to encounter Missingno (128 plus the current 1 is 129 X Specials). Throw 
away 2 of them and do the Missingno glitch again (129-2 = 127 +128 = 255). The games get finicky
with shortening your inventory to only three items, but that's what we have to. Your inventory will
need to have only 3 items listed. The first two need to be throw away items (Potion, Antidote, etc)
and the 3rd needs to be your x255 X Special. Sometimes you can press Select to switch the X
Specials from Slot 6 to Slot 3 then PC Box the rest of the items after it, sometimes you need to PC
Box the x255 X Specials, then box all of your items but the first 2 throw away items then withdraw
the X Specials (although most of the time this results in multiple stacks of x99 X Specials, which 
DOES NOT work. You'll have to play with it until you get your inventory lined up

Any item
Any item
X Special x255

Okay, after you've done that and you have your Pokemon party as listed above, time to start the
glitch to get 8F. Fly to Celadon City and head to the very east exit. You need to be standing in
the exact spot shown here for the glitch to work properly. Now open you menu and let's begin.

Toss item # 1. Your list should now read Item #2, X Special x255, X Special x255. Toss the first
item (originally Item #2) and you now have three sets of X Special x 255.

Now you'll notice you can only access the top two sets of 255 X Specials. You will need to toss
253 X Specials from the first set. Now press Select and switch the first set of X Special with
the second set. This will result in your inventory having one X Special followed by 255 X Special.
Switch the placement of these two sets and it will result in only one item set, X Special x0. 

Now, press select on 'X Special x0' and keep pressing down. You will enter a glitch menu, but 
you need to keep pressing down until you see the 'Nugget x1'. Click to swap the two and then
exit out of your menu.

You will now need to take exactly 5 steps right, 5 steps down, and then 20 steps rights. Once
you do, open your menu and open your item inventory. We will now repeat the last item step,
only this time you will be switching your Nugget x1 with the item '8F'. Now you have the item,
Fly out of the area and give yourself a pat on the back. DO NOT USE 8F YET. There is more 
setup to be done.

Changing Mew's OT and ID

Now this party is just as fun (if not more so) than getting 8F was... You will need to obtain the
following inventory of items. JUST REMEMBER that Missingno will add 128 to the 6th item. 
You can definitely do the Missingno glitch while we perform the code execution. I would
prepare the following item list and then save before we go further.

Any item xANY
Antidote x38
TM18 OR TM50 x1
Any item xANY
X Accuracy x163
Lemonade x12
Water Stone x1
Any item xANY
TM01 x1

Luckily the TMs and items can mostly be found at the Celadon Department Store. I would
definitely recommend writing down the current list and the math you'll be doing with
the Missingno glitch. You will also need to have TM21 in your PC box ready to go.

With all that out of the way, and Mew in the 1st slot of your PC, let's get started.

Use 8F

Now toss 1 X Accuracy and add 77 Lemonade for 89 total. Whether you buy them or use
Missingno, it's your choice. Now your item list should be...

Any item xANY
Antidote x38
TM18 OR TM50 x1
Any item xANY
X Accuracy x162
Lemonade x89
Water Stone x1
Any item xANY
TM01 x1

Use 8F for the second time

Now you need to swap your TM18/50 for the TM21 in your PC box. Also, toss 120 X Accuracy 
and obtain 45 Lemonade. Your list should look like this...

Any item xANY
Antidote x38
TM21 x1
Any item xANY
X Accuracy x42
Lemonade x134
Water Stone x1
Any item xANY
TM01 x1

Use 8F for a third time

Now you'll need to toss 1 Lemonade and buy 1 X Accuracy (Celadon Dept. Store)

Any item xANY
Antidote x38
TM21 x1
Any item xANY
X Accuracy x43
Lemonade x133
Water Stone x1
Any item xANY
TM01 x1

Use 8F for a fourth time.

Now toss 53 Lemonade, but 1 more X Accuracy...

Any item xANY
Antidote x38
TM21 x1
Any item xANY
X Accuracy x44
Lemonade x80
Water Stone x1
Any item xANY
TM01 x1

And use 8F for the fifth and final time.

Now the moment of truth... Go to your PC Box and check on the Mew you had in there.
It should have an OT of GF and and ID # 22796. If it does, your 8F glitch was a success
and you can transfer this Mew up to Gen 7 using Poke Transporter! CONGRATS!

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