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Previously known as the original Pokemon Remix Project, PikaRadio is a new platform to celebrate the release of Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon!

Take a look back through ALL of the Generation 1 through 6 music with this outstanding collection of remixes. My friends and I have gone through all of them and handpicked the best ones. For music pieces that did not have a remix available... We took the time and tried remixing it ourselves. Each disc takes you on a nostalgic journey, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. The CDs are not available for sale, as the remixes are by several different artists and do not belong to us. However, we will leave you with all the tools to make the CDs if you wish, including artwork and a recommended disc manufacturer. I want you all to experience and enjoy the wonderful world of Pokemon with a fresh twist! 

Train on Pokemon fans,

KK Cody
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How do torrents work?
What we ask before downloading!
Torrents are the easiest way to share files over the internet. First you must download a torrent client, we recommend uTorrent (visit their website by clicking the icon to the left).

Once you have the program installed, you can download the torrents for each disc below. By using a torrent program, you download the files in the torrent file from someone who is "seeding" it (uploading it to the internet for you). Always be weary when using these programs, check the torrent before downloading to see the files inside because some will put viruses in them that will mess up your computer.

All of our torrents have the remixes in .mp3 form, along with 4 .jpg picture images for the disc art. As these are not all our pieces of work, we cannot sell CDs, but we can recommend looking for self-publishing CD services with all of these files if you wish to make your own discs!

While we love the notion for you guys to donate to our hard work, that's not why we did this! We are Pokemon fans doing this for the fans. I personally remixed a lot of tracks to make sure these discs flow like honey and include every single song you'll encounter in the games. That being said, the one thing we ask is that you guys visit us on YouTube and subscribe to our page. We will be updating a new playlist for all of these tracks so that you can listen to these tracks on YouTube while on the go, whether you're studying for school or want to lay back to some amazing mixes while playing through the games!

Please please please subscribe. Other than that, no need for thanks, we had a BLAST putting this together!

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Music Collection
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​Disc 1: Kanto Adventures
Download Bonus Track : Pikachu's Beach
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​Disc 2: Johto Journeys
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​Disc 3: Johto Champions
Coming soon... Fixing Artwork
​Hang tight
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​Disc 5: Heroes of Hoenn
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​Disc 6: Sinnoh Trek
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​Disc 7: Sinnoh Victors
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​Disc 8: Unova The Journey Begins
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​Disc 9: Unova The Journey Continues
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​Disc 10: Return to Unova
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